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Elevate your mortgage business to new heights

At TAP it’s not just about aggregation, it’s about equipping advisers for the future. By bringing advisers together, we understand the benefit of helping individuals grow a better business than they might otherwise have.

The staff at TAP took care of it all for me. It worked very smoothly for a very small financial outlay and cost, so I was very happy with it.

David Lloyd

David Lloyd Mortgages Ltd

The ultimate mortgage aggregation platform, designed with New Zealand mortgage advisers in mind.

Our best in industry solution streamlines, simplifies and enhances the way you source, compare and offer mortgage advice to your clients. TAP aims to empower you to deliver outstanding advice, while offering a personalised approach in how we support your business.

Effortless onboarding

Join with ease and confidence, thanks to our dedicated onboarding team.

Vast product selection

Access a diverse range of major product providers to suit your client’s needs.

Mortgage advice made easy

Seamlessly navigate the TAP CRM with our custom built Mortgage Advice Tool.

Reliable day-to-day support

Count on practical support with a quick turnaround from our professional team when you need it.

Continuous Professional Development

Stay up to date with regular training and efficient CPD tracking.

Timely commission payments

Receive your well-deserved commissions promptly and consistently on a daily basis.

Expert compliance and audit support

Ensure compliance and gain peace of mind with our experienced in-house team of industry experts.

When are you free? Let’s talk.

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