Hayley Evans

Evans Financial Services

With an extensive background in the industry, Hayley takes a straightforward approach to insurance.

Shakeel Lal

Halo Advisers

Shak is passionate about insurance and educating people about why it is important to have the right type of cover in place.

Jeremy Thomas

JT Services

Jeremy is passionate about helping Kiwis make informed choices and maximise the benefits of KiwiSaver.

Daniel Smithwood

Iron Oak Financial Services

Daniel is committed to ensuring his clients’ needs are met with appropriate and affordable risk management solutions.

Scott Haak


Scott has always been passionate about helping people and offers easy to understand, professional advice.

Nicole Skewes

Lifestyle Cover

With a strong commitment to going the extra mile for her clients to ensure they’re getting the best cover possible for reasonable premiums,

Leon Meleisea

Leon Meleisea

Evolution Life

As a new advisor to the industry, TAP have done an amazing job of laying down the infrastructure and knowledge to springboard me into the industry with robust and relevant training through the TAP Academy and then helping me to acquire my FAP Licence.

TAP have an exceptional support service and sounding board as I navigate the new life insurance landscape. I’m really impressed and extremely pleased with my decision to sign up with them. You will be too.

Jeremy Thomas

Jeremy Thomas

JT KiwiSaver

Stepping out on your own can feel overwhelming and scary – especially with the new compliance regime. The team at TAP have provided so much reassurance and comfort around this big decision for me and my family.

TAP’s team took the time to understand the DNA of my business and what I’m looking to achieve with clients, and then provided a framework of how things would work moving forward.

Their compliance team are so knowledgeable and process-driven, that has truly laid a solid business foundation for me. Their Operations team are extremely focused as well, and were able to assist with setting up domain names and email to websites, PI cover and disputes resolution – which is great as I’m a little bit of a tech-Neanderthal!

TAP are truly a one-stop support hub who guide and support advisers – and I’m truly thrilled with my decision to use them, and look forward to a long, wholesome relationship…

Peter Barrell

Peter Barrell

BBC Brokers

I just wanted to thank TAP for your help in seeing a clear path to having a compliant business up and running by March. I was becoming concerned I was not going to be ready in time and was seriously considering exiting the financial advice business as I couldn’t see a way to achieve all that is required.

After our 1.5 hour Zoom meeting this all changed, I now see the path, I have a plan and it all seems achievable for me now. Plus TAP will free up time from compliance related admin so I can continue to spend my time doing what I am best at, helping clients.

I was concerned about the cost until I understood how much of a benefit to my business TAP will be.

Looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with the team at TAP.


Daniel Smithwood

Daniel Smithwood

Iron Oak Financial Services

Working with TAP on a day-to-day basis is like having a support person in the office who’s not in the office. They respond to emails, they help me with uploading details into the CRM, sending out welcome and anniversary letters to clients, sending through requirements from me to providers, they’re just really there to do the stuff that I can’t do because I’m seeing clients.

My business has improved in the last 12 months because I’ve been able to see more clients by virtue of knowing that my back-office stuff is being taken care of by The Adviser Platform. 

Heading into the new regulatory environment, I’m feeling quietly confident that I am well-supported to grow and continue to operate my business without risking my business because of a lack of compliance. 

Regan Thomas

Regan Thomas

Money Tree

I knew I wasn’t doing my existing-client admin as completely or consistently as I should. Being a typical 1-man business I had to be honest with myself that some clients were being better service than others. And not necessarily the right ones.

What started as ensuring that tasks are done consistently and reliably for all clients has turned into a surprising amount of time-consuming tasks being taken off me – the hardest part initially was letting go! My systems, processes, client management and outbound email communications are pretty much on auto-pilot, which means I have more time for client meetings, preparing and giving advice – the stuff I should be focusing on.

The Adviser Platform admin processes have delivered the equivalent of more than a part-time PA for a fraction of the cost. It’s not an understatement to say joining was one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made. Now I have the time the capacity, and the confidence for growth and/or an acquisition.

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