TAP Admin

Grow your business, not your costs.

A comprehensive admin support service from trained professionals allows you to focus your time on growing your business.

“Working with TAP on a day-to-day basis is like having a support person in the office who’s not in the office.”

Daniel Smithwood

IronOak Financial Services

Everything your CRM can’t do and more...

  • Business inbox management
  • Lead & Client file creation
  • Application management
  • Underwriting management
  • Policy anniversaries
  • Claims processing
  • Record keeping
  • Client communication
  • File hygiene
  • And more..

Seamless transition
& data cleanse

Switching is easy – our experienced team will not only migrate your existing client data, but they’ll also pull any missing data from your providers to complete your client files.

The perfect match

Our support service matches your business requirements. This solution is affordable at any business size.

Avoid admin headaches

All data entry is handled by our specialist team to ensure accuracy and clarity.

  • No more staff management or training
  • No office costs or HR
  • 52 weeks a year

Handling and processing

We provide support across insurance, mortgage and KiwiSaver services.

Sweep out your inbox

We’ll manage your business emails, making sure the right emails get to the right person.

Turbo-charge your existing staff

Free up yourself and your team to focus on the clients, not the day to day admin.

Preparation for licensing

We’ll help get your house in order and ensure you’re ready to transition.

Welcome an audit

Our comprehensive support and data management ensures your processes are clearly documented.

Key Features


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