Key features

Smooth Transition From Your Old System and Provider

TAP provides a simple and painless process to make the transition from your old system. We manage all of the data consolidation and migration into your new TAP CRM.

End-to-End Application Processing

TAP’s admin support team are on hand to manage every piece of paperwork for you – from a lead, to a needs analysis, through to renewal – allowing you to spend less time behind the desk.

Ongoing Maintenance

Enjoy the confidence of knowing our admin team will keep your database up to date as a live reflection of your business.

Turbocharge Your Existing Staff

With TAP supporting you on the day-to-day admin tasks, your existing support staff can spend more time servicing your clients, booking appointments and strengthening relationships

These are just a few…


Minable Data

Accurate and useable data allows you to keep complete visibility over all of your clients, identifying opportunities and any cross-sell potential. With TAP’s superior admin team, you can rest assured your business will never suffer from inaccurate or missing data.

Welcome Your Next Audit

You never know when you may be audited, but with the upcoming regulatory changes, it may be sooner than you think. With TAP, you can enjoy the confidence of knowing that your process is clearly and consistently documented.

Increase the Value of Your Data

Complete data is invaluable, incomplete data is worthless. When it comes time for you to sell your business, your selling price will directly reflect the condition of your database. Ensure you generate maximum return with a complete client database.

Key Features